Best three fragrant plants

Discuss plants with fragrant flowers or leaves.

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Re: Best three fragrant plants

Post by farhan » April 2nd, 2018, 8:33 pm

Cant keep my self to just 3. Sorry for that.

1) Rangoon creeper, double thai variety. Looks beautiful, smells intoxicating, blooms from March to November (in Karachi). Not much care required.
2) Honeysuckle. Looks Ok, smells intoxicating. blooming period is long. Not much care required.
3) Murayya/Kamni. Looks good, smells very sweet, blooming period is long. Rest depends on which variety you are buying.
4) Raat ki Rani. One of the sweetest smells. Care free
5) Plumeria, round leaf variety. unique fragrance. Both sweet and fresh. Not much care required
6) Various Jasmines. Specially motia and juhi. Nice fragrance, care free
7) Various Gardenias. Nice fragrance, doesnt grow easily for me
8) Various roses. Nice fragrance, doesnt grow easily for me
9) Oleanders. I have smelled 3 different fragrances. There is a yellow one with a unique fragrance. Then there are may other reds, pinks and whites with same fragrnce. And finally there are imported varities with another very unique fragrance. Native varities are care free. Specially the yellow one.
10) Artemesia/Mushk-e-Amber. Unique fragrance. Care free. Fragrant all year long, specially at morning and evening
11) Tuberose. Very nice sweet fragrance. Blooms for only 2-3 weeks per year
12) Spider lily. Very nice spicy fragrance. Only 3-4 flowers per year.
13) Orange. Difficuly to grow. very mild fragrance. But very unique
14) Mehndi. Easy to grow. Blooms for around 3 months. mild sweet fragrance at night
15) Duranta. Looks good with dark blue flowers and orange fruits. mild sweet vanilla fragrance

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