Help needed for flowering seeds.

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Help needed for flowering seeds.

Post by sanjran » February 24th, 2016, 12:29 am

AOA. How is everyone??

I have these seeds.
2. Marigold inca f1
3.Zinnia Candy cane
4.zinnia double
5.Vinca F1
6. Balsam Double
7. Coxcomb F1
8. Portulaca Extra Double
9. Amaranthus
10. Sunflower teddy bear

The flower bed is acutaly partially shady. and my area has warm weather that shoots upto 45 degrees in peak summer, dry climate. so can i grow these seeds in such conditions? and what precautions or preventive measure must i take to help the flowers bloom?
Waiting plz!!!!!!!!

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Re: Help needed for flowering seeds.

Post by Izhar » February 24th, 2016, 9:46 am

All of these can easily grow in your area.. first prepare your soil by following procedure:

How to prepare potting mix:

• 2 parts decomposed and odorless manure with 3 parts soil gives a medium which can support optimal plant growth for 2 months
• Keep it moist for 30 days before planting any seeds/seedlings/plants
• After that you must provide nutrients from top either organic or synthetic

How to prepare planting medium in ground/Kiyari:

• Add 2 inch thick layer of manure evenly on the ground/kiyari and mix well with soil
• Water lavishly and keep moist for 30 days before planting any seeds/seedlings/plants
• Take out any weeds during this period

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