Terminalia chebula

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Terminalia chebula

Post by Hamad Ahmed Kisana » July 1st, 2013, 10:20 pm

Botanical NameTerminalia chebula
Local NameIn Urdu Font ہریڑ
Life cycletree
Cultivar NameNA
Flowering MonthsMay-June
Flower Coloryellowish white
Growing Areas Name the city/cities where you have seen the plant is growing.all over Pakistan
Frost Tenderyes
Exposure Full sun
Soil pHTolerant
Propagationthrough seeds
Usesmedicinal plant
DescriptionThe Black Myrobalan is a moderate sized deciduous tree attaining a height of 25-30 metres. The tree has a 6 mm. thick, dark brown bark and belongs to the plant family Combretaceae. The leaves are 7-20 cm. long and are simple, alternate, acute at theleaf apex and base. The petioles are 2-5 cm, long and covered with soft hairs. The bisexual flowers are 4 mm. across, stalk less, and dull-white or yellow with an offensive smell. The fruit is a drupe,2-4 cm. long, ellipsoid or a ovoid and more or less 5-ribbed. They are yellowish green when dry. The seed is oblong, very thick and mildly angled. According to reports, the fruit, which is part of the Ayurvedic, improves the appetite and digestion tones up the intestinal tissue and strengthens the body. It is believe to slow down the ageing process, prolong life, and enhance the intellect.

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Re: Terminalia chebula

Post by abdulmanan » August 28th, 2015, 2:39 pm

Aslam Alaikum. Which city Chebula is cultivated/produced the most? I need to purchase few tons and can't find myself enough in Lahore. Your help and knowledge regarding this would be appreciated a lot.

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