Canna species (cultivars)

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Canna species (cultivars)

Post by M Farooq » July 7th, 2013, 10:23 am

Botanical Name Canna
Family Cannaceae
Genus Canna
Specie 19 species
Local Name in Urdu N/A
Common Name Canna Lily, Canna, Indian shot, Arrowroot
Life Cycle Perennial
Cultivar Name N/A
Category(Bulb/Corm/Tuber/Rhizome/root) Rhizomes
Hardiness Tender
Hardiness Zone 08-11
Soil PH 5.7 to 6.3
Planting Time Spring
Planting Depth 4 Inches (10cm)
Spacing 08 to 15 Inches (20cm to 37.5cm) they like to grow in clumps
Height 24 to 144 inches
Exposure Full to semi sun
Flowering Time Summer to Fall
Flower Color Red, Yellow, Orange Pink and mix of mentioned colours
Fragrant Few but neither very strong fragrant nor very pleasant
Uses This plant has number of uses, Work really good as borders, grow in flowering beds and pots. Agricultural use to collect starch from Rhizomes, foliage as vegetation, seeds as beads/jewellery and also used in musical instruments, and India use to produce alcohol, fibre from the leaves are used as alternative to jute and Paper
Propagation they propagate very quickly, divide the offset/rhizome and plant them separately, could also be propagated by seeds but their seeds have a hard shell (cover) and require treatment(stratification) to germinate
Difficulty(Easy/Intermediate/Hard ) Easy
Suitable for (KHI/LHR/RWL/ISL/PWR/Highlands) Almost all areas
Tips to grow Drought and poor soil tolerant but rich soil and generous watering is recommended also grow near water ponds (aquatic variety)
Other Details Native to Tropical and sub-tropical areas and can easily be grown in most of the countries very easy plant to manage and propagate very quickly, available in different varieties from wild to agricultural and from oriental to hybrid, new hybrid varieties and short in height and give bigger and better blooms, and flower count is also satisfactory.

Another beautiful addition Farhan's garden

Farhan Ahmed
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Re: Canna species (cultivars)

Post by Farhan Ahmed » July 7th, 2013, 10:24 am

Perennial bulbous Plant

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Re: Canna species (cultivars)

Post by mikhurram » September 12th, 2013, 1:56 pm

Takei seeds has pioneered a dwarf seed variety of Canna known as Tropical Series F1 comprising of 6 colours namely White, Yellow, Scarlet (dark red), Rose (Pink) and Salmon (Orange). Can't remember the sixth colour. They can be grown easily from seeds of Takkeii Tropical variety. which start sprouting within days. All one needs to do is to rub the wax coating on the seeds with water before putting them in the soil. Soil media can be peat or soil with a layer of coco noir at the top. True to their name the dwarf varieties height barely exceeds 1 feet. Seeds are often imported by seed shops. All the nurseries grown the dwarf variety from seed. The most outstanding colours in the dwarf variety are Scarlet, White and Rose.

There are many cultivars of Canna in different colours and height. The common variety tend to grow around 6 feet having colours in Pink, Orange/Yellow and Red etc.

The intermediate varieties like Canna President, Cleopatra, Lucifer, Antoine Crozy etc are intermediate Cannas whose height is around 3 feet are not common.

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