Lachenalia viridiflora (Turquoise Hyacinth- Rare flower)

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Lachenalia viridiflora (Turquoise Hyacinth- Rare flower)

Post by M Farooq » December 31st, 2013, 4:29 am

Botanical Name Lachenalia viridiflora
Family Hyacinthaceae
Local Name in Urdu None
Common Name Cape Cowslip, Wild Hyacinth or Turquoise Hyacinth
Life Cycle Grows in the winter season and is dormant in the summer season.
Cultivar Name N/A
Fragrant or Not Unscented flowers which lasts upto 2 weeks.
Category(Bush/Vine/Tree) Bulbous plant
Height 8 inch
Spacing Can be grown closely together and does not mind being crowded together (4 inch spacing)
Flowering Months December in Lahore
Flower Color Turquiose
Growing Areas Can be grown successfully in all areas of Pakistan provided guidelines mentioned below are followed.
Frost Tender ABC
Exposure Preferably should be placed in greenhouse from middle of November till middle of February based on climatic conditions of Lahore. They generally prefer a sunny condition. During the winter growing period, it prefers temperatures between 10-22°C. Warmer temperatures in winter may make the plants lanky, and hot temperatures might stress them. Thus if growing in Lahore or Islamabad better to place them a site during the summers having sunshine from morning till noon and then shade in the afternoon especially during months of May, June, July, August. In subsequent months it relishes sunshine even during the afternoon. However it should be placed in a greenhouse from middle November till middle February to protect from freezing cold.
Soil pH "Requires a well drained sandy medium. It can be grown in containers having 70% coarse sand and 30% compost preferably John Innes compost to minimize the chances of fungal diseases. Water moderately until in full growth, than water freely however Lachenalia should be watered carefully; too much water will quickly rot the bulbs and invite slugs, while allowing the bulbs to dry out could induce dormancy. adding a balanced fertiliser every 10-14 days. Reduce watering as the leaves fade, than keep dry until the onset of new growth in autumn."
Propagation Seeds, leaf cuttings, bulblets, The fruit is a dry, 3-celled capsule containing numerous small, round, shiny black seeds
Uses Does not tolerate frost and should be placed in frost-free greenhouse to protect from freezing temperatures.
Other Details Lachenlia Viridiflora is a extremely rare bulb found in South Africa or Namibia only. Current status shows that it is a critically endangered bulb variety and it was discovered in the mid 60's in South Africa. The following description in quotes about Lachenalia appeared in a website listed below. " Turquoise is an extremely rare color in the plant world, seen in only a handful of flowers. Lachenalia viridiflora - the "Turquoise Hyacinth" - is a rare bulb with luminous, mint-blue flowers! As if the exquisite color wasn't enough, many of the plants have terrific spotted leaves! This is an endangered species that is almost gone in its homeland of South Africa. Despite being rare and hard to find, it happens to be easy to grow!"
Credits: Images and all text by M. I. Khurram


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