Plant Profile: Vitex angus-castus (Chaste Tree)

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Plant Profile: Vitex angus-castus (Chaste Tree)

Post by M Farooq » May 24th, 2014, 10:21 am

Botanical Name Vitex agnus-castus
Family Lamiaceae
Local Name in Urdu None
Common Name Vitex, Chaste Tree, Sage Tree, Chasteberry, Indian Spice or Monk's Pepper.
Fragrant or Not Fragrant leaves & flowers.
Category(Bush/Vine/Tree) Can be termed as small tree but looks more like a shrub.
Height 10-15 feet.
Spacing spacing of atleast 6 feet.
Flowering Months April / May
Flower Color Violet.
Growing Areas Can be grown successfully in all areas of Pakistan provided guidelines mentioned below are followed.
Frost Tender Can be grown in Northern areas as well as in plain regions. It may struggle in cold northern areas like Gilgit Baltistan in winter season.
Exposure Grow in full sun to get maximum flowers.
Soil pH Can be grown in normal garden soil but site should have good drainage.
Propagation By seeds and cuttings.
Uses Source of nectar for bees/butterflies who find irresistible and has medical uses. Fleshy fruit immediately develop after flowering which contain seeds known to have a flavour similar to black peppers (Monk's Pepper). It was used by monks to maintain their vows of chastity.
Other Details This deciduous shrub or small tree is drought tolerant. Here in Pakistan it is mistakenly referred as Buddleia Bush.

Text and Photography by Imran Khurram sb.



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Re: Plant Profile: Vitex angus-castus (Chaste Tree)

Post by nadeem8881 » March 1st, 2017, 1:49 pm

Hi me Nadeem from Pakistan < Islamabad bro where is available this plant

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