Photo Competition : Results ( Judge 1 and Judge 2)

First Gardening Competition of Gardening Pakistan

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Photo Competition : Results ( Judge 1 and Judge 2)

Post by Farhan Ahmed » April 19th, 2013, 7:34 pm

Following are the results as submitted by Judge 1 and Judge 2 for the 3 categories. Be advised these are incomplete results and final results will be compiled after other results are recieved for aggregate scores. Sharing so that members can see who is sweating for first place.

Judge 1

Cat-1 (Macro)
1. Hakraza Entry-3 Gazania
2. Saqib Entry-2 Dahlia Tied with Rafaiy Entry 1 Freesia

Cat- 2 (Container)
1. Syed Adnan Entry 2 Mix plants
2. Saqib Entry 1 Mix annuals Tied with hakraza Entry 3 and Syed Adnan Entry 1

1. Baazigar Entry 1 Lampranthus tied with Kaleem Entry 3 Snaps/Lawn
2. Hakraza Entry 1 Petunia/Mix

Judge 2

Cat-1 (Macro)
1. Syed Adnan Entry 1 PHALAENOPSIS
2. Tahir Entry 3 Euphorbia
3. Rafiay Entry 3 Freesia

1. hakraza Entry 3 Petunia Mix
2. Saqib Entry 2 Mix Annuals
3. Syed Adnan Entry 1 Mix Annuals

Cat-3 (Wide)
1. Baazigar Entry 1 Lampranthus
2. Hakraza Entry 3 Petunia/Mix
3. Kaleem Entry 2 Amarylis(This entry was first otherwise but due to old photo and no verification Image)

Be advised again these are not final results and results may change altogether as other judges are yet to submit. These are presented here for members to see the process and to acknowledge the efforts of members who participated in competition.

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