Hello from a Newbie

New members introduce here. Tell us what you are growing, your interests and where you are growing.

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Hello from a Newbie

Post by osmirza » July 17th, 2018, 2:12 pm

Dear All,
!اسلام علیکم
Since all the new members are strongly encouraged to introduce themselves, here is a bit about me.
But first things first, I must commend the creator(s) and moderators of this forum. It is indeed an excellent source of information on all things gardening.
I'm Omer from Islamabad. I'm 45 and I've recently rejuvenated my interest in gardening.
I'm interested in seasonal/annual flowers grown from seeds and bulbs/corms/tubers, seasonal vegetables, and also a bit interested in fruit trees. I love growing plants from seeds - the pleasure, the excitement, the anticipation, and seeing how amazing is nature is unparalleled when you see seeds sprout. I'm also interested in perennial plants but, to be honest, I find the amount of information to be very overwhelming but with the experience, I'm sure this will change.
I'm not sure if the following should go in the introduction but it won't hurt so here it goes...
Last spring I mostly bought seedlings of annuals - pansy, petunia, alyssum, and antirrhinum - and transplanted them into the garden. I also tried starting seeds but it was largely an unsuccessful endeavor. But for this spring, I've started preparing in advance and would start my own seeds.
For the ongoing season, I started seeds of zinnia, portulaca, marigold, salvia, cockscomb, and morning glory. The end result was just okay. I also grew tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. I managed to get a decent crop of these vegetables but I was disappointed with the tomatoes, but I later found out on this forum that this is not the right season, especially in Islamabad, to get the best results.
Well, sorry for rather a longish introduction but I've written what I could think of.
Thank you and happy gardening.

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