Please Introduce Yourself

New members introduce here. Tell us what you are growing, your interests and where you are growing.

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Please Introduce Yourself

Post by Farhan Ahmed » June 21st, 2013, 7:59 pm

Hello New Comers!

We welcome you to our little community of Nature lovers. Your very own online community of Gardeners.

Member's privacy is of utmost importance to Us. However, if you willingly decide to introduce yourself from the onset of this online gardening journey, it would help us to know you better, understand your interest and growing conditions. Thereby more fulfilling journey in terms of what we can learn from you and how we can be more helpful to you.

How you decide to introduce yourself is how you like it to be....However few suggestions( Everything is optional, except that you must make your own thread)
Start your own new thread for introduction/Name it whatever you like.
Your Good Name and anything that you would like to share.
Your Interests in Gardening( Plant types like bulbs, Roses, climbers or fragrant plants)
Your location ( it Could be city, hardiness zone or anything that can explain your growing conditions)
If you Like briefly describe your garden or growing area( May include area/exposure etc)
Any Other Interests.

Some Samples :-)
aykhan wrote: I live in Lahore and am a doctor, 38 years old. When I was renovating the house I also decided to improve the lawn. I'm a bit of a type A personality so needed to know which grass to put, how it would grow, how much fertilizer it needed,how it would perform in sun or shade etc (kind of like working on a patient :D ). Similarly the few hundred yards or kiyari's posed another adventure. I suddenly realised how interesting gardening is and since the past few months I have been able to think of little else in terms of recreation. My father always loved gardening but I dont know why I never developed an interest. When I read up and investigated I realised it was a world in itself, much like any other complex subject you need to grasp and how it opens up it's secrets as you develve deeper. I am so happy to have a gardening forum like this in Pakistan. Everyone here is great and very helpful. My current passion is fragrant roses, fragrant shurbs and fragrant vines. I'm bringing several bare root and own root roses from the USA soon and inshallah it will be an interesting summer after a wonderful spring in Lahore :D
Syed Adnan wrote:Asalamoalikum,

My name is Syed Adnan. I have lived my early 30 years in LAHORE, now iam living in Al- Jubail , KSA. I am having a backyard where i used to grow annuals. I have a good collection of indoors also. her our weathjer is matching Lahore except the rainy season of Monsoon is missing here. I am joning this forum build a good understanding of the annuals flowerng plants specially bulbs which i love most. Moreover it is always nice to socialize among the people with same interest. Looking forward for your cooperation.

Apat from all other commonly known plants Presently i have following interesting plants with me:

1. Venus Fly Trap ( it eats on insects , it is very sensitive and mine one is about to die in winter chill)
2. Football Lilly. It blooms in June.
3. Clivia. Never bllom for me yet.
4. Hycinths, Daffodils, Muscari, ranunculus, glads, Frresia, Begonias, Geraniums, Narine, Calladiums,
5. Hollihox double
6. Hibiscus Large flowered.
7. African Violet
8. Belladona.

I will post the photos soon.

see yah.


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