Please Read Before Availing Seed bank

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Please Read Before Availing Seed bank

Post by Farhan Ahmed » June 21st, 2013, 8:39 pm

Instructions for using Seed Bank

1). Members may demand these free seeds as per desire.
2). Seeds will be dispatched to requesting Members through VPL or VPP. This is the service of Pakistan Post in which the postman will collect postage amount/charge on delivery of letter/parcel from the recipient. This is to reduce monetary load on Our Bank Manager(Mr.Tahir)
3) These seeds are of different seasons. Sow them at correct time.
4). Member requesting seeds will have to return some seeds of any variety/plant. Time frame is as per the desire of the member but he must fulfill his commitment so that Bank maintains its integrity. Asking member may return the same seeds he asked for from bank after growing and harvesting.
5) Asking member will be required to post their demands on the thread, after which they will ask Tahir Sb's address through PM. Request for seed through PM will not be entertained.
6) Most of these seed come true.....
7) Seeds have been harvested and stored with diligence but Bank will not be responsible for poor germination or any other variation. After all these are free seeds.
8) Asking member must have 10 posts to be eligible for these seeds.

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