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50 Exotic Pakistani Garden Plants/Trees

Posted: July 6th, 2013, 4:56 am
by M Farooq
Dear members, with the collective efforts of Mir Afzal sb, Farhan sb, Hamad sb, Tahir sb, and Rafique sb we have crossed 50 entries in just one week in the Flora of Pakistan database. With that there are plenty of pictorial identification lists of common weeds and grasses! The rose database will be transferred there as well.

The main aim is to have a pictorial database of exotic Pakistani garden plants so that as a gardening community we can learn about new plants from each other- names, typical care and other useful growing tips. This will also help if someone is interested in making a new floral garden. Further work will be possible and expedited by your support not in terms of laudatory comments (there is no harm in it, :-), ) but by contribution of information. You can share good quality solitary pictures of flowers and leaves of your garden plants along with the name (if you are aware of), and any other information you have. We will, with time, make a formal entry in the database with your image (to your credit).

You can email pictures here at Those pictures will be transferred to a common Photobucket "library". This will help us in creating a database without lifting pictures from the internet, thus a true Pakistani garden database!