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How to stop pets from entering the garbage

Posted: July 3rd, 2017, 10:17 am
by CindSein
Hi guys,
I am a dog lover. But now I am fed up with my puppy. It is very naughty. We live in a residential area in Toronto. Here we don't have enough area in the backyard for composting. Normally we place the garbage bins outside the house to prevent the odor from entering the house. These garbage bins are collected only once in two days.
When I step out of the house early in the morning, what I see is the backyard scattered with the empty trash cans and the dog sits in the middle of the mess. It really makes me angry as well as sad because it is a double job for me to clean the waste as well as wash my puppy. Every year too many dogs die from eating an item from the trash they weren't supposed to.
Guys, I need your help. if I don't stop my dog from playing with the trash, I will loose her, which I don't want to. can I keep her out of the trash??????