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Re: Unlikely Garden

Post by newton » October 14th, 2013, 1:24 am

Richi Richs garden is indeed nice but its very true it doesn't have the gardeners touch of Shezad Ahmed. You ask why?

Shezads garden seems to use colour and the surrounding structures in unison to contrast or compliment each other for example the white rose vista path that disappears but in the back ground you see a blue gazebo and blue shade of leaf tree's to echo the whole scheme. I bet it looks magical during moonlit nights
The steps utilise miniature plantings on the upsides to soften the hard lines. plant pots are placed strategically and with thought to create symmetry without being monotonous.
The borders have height, depth and swathes of colour along with hard landscaping that either softens or invites the person into the vista.
The borders don't appear to be using clashing colours anywhere and no where can you see more than three colours at once thus all being very restfull and pleasing on the eye.
The red sweet peas are planted immediately next to a seating area thus allowing leisurely appreciation of the scented planting including the blues and the red roses which are presume are equally scented.
There are numerous but well pruned and managed large trees providing ample shade, structure and even swings for the children to enjoy
The water feature is large and well designed with water plants around the periphery and a place to sit and enjoy it with maybe a fan to keep away the inevitable insects.

All of these factors make for a garden that can be enjoyed by young and old alike and include scent, water, form and function. I too did not see any lupins or delphiniums but I did see several varieties and colours of gladioli. He appears to be a gardener with foresight, knowledge, dedication and a special touch. I would even go so far as to say to compete with some of the worlds best.

By contrast Richi richs garden is nice and well tended but only in a singular sense because when you enter the entire vista is there before you without much to explore and entice from behind hidden areas. Any plantings in the distant and foregrounds consequently all have to co-ordinate which in a large garden can be difficult to manage effectively without appearing monotonous or clashing.

However there is some very nice structural planting like the dovecots which appears to have been recreated from an original chopped down tree, the roofs shape echoes the shape of the house which seems to be much much better designed.

In respect of being an open space for park like bedding displays then that effect has been achieved impressively and with due credit, secondly and maybe just as important there are no hidden places so in respect of personal safety and security in Pakistan where crime and the fear of it are increasingly problematic then it is clearly a much safer feeling environment. There are also limited places to suddenly encounter creatures like mosquitos, snakes, scorpions and rats. There is lighting focused on the beddings and other key areas. It is also easier to maintain and keep clean and tidy.

All of these things can be important for a usable large family gathering space. If that was the brief in its design phase then clearly Richy richs is better for them.

At the end of the day its what you want, need and can have within a given space that dictates how well your garden performs for you.

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Re: Unlikely Garden

Post by mikhurram » October 14th, 2013, 1:45 am

Well said Ifzal sahib. You have summed it up very nicely.

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Re: Unlikely Garden

Post by Hamad Ahmed Kisana » October 14th, 2013, 8:04 am

thanks ifzaal sb for describing both gardens briefly.main difference between two is weather.shahzad ahmad is maintaining garden in islamabad which is pretty easier and while mr richi rich is in Lahore competing with harsh summers.he cannot create a colorful display with roses and lupinus so overall i think the garden of mr richi rich as name given by brig arif sb is outstanding.

Muhammad Arif Khan
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Re: Unlikely Garden

Post by Muhammad Arif Khan » October 14th, 2013, 12:06 pm

mikhurram wrote:Sir, the thing that a lot of people may be filthy rich but lack the asthetic sense or taste. Even though the garden belongs to someone very affluent but alteast he has the taste or asthetic sense to create a garden whose overall layout gives an eye pleasing look and we need to look at the selection of colour combinations of annuals which give a dazzling display. Sometimes people splurge a large amount on annuals but somehow are not able to select and plant the right colour combinations.
A Richi Richs garden does not necessarily reflect the aesthetic sense of the owner, most of the time it is the aesthetic sense of the contractor who tries to deliver what he thinks the owner would like.
I once visited a Mill owner’s house; it had a very well laid garden, having exotic plants and beds of expensive annuals.
There was no one living in the house, I came to know that the house was only occasionally used by the family for trips to Lahore, mainly it was a guest house for dignitaries from Islam Abad. Garden development and maintenance was on contract. There is another Richi Rich Garden open to public on 23rd March, all an effort of a highly paid gardener having an air conditioned green house and an army of Malies.

When the owner himself plans and selects the plants it becomes a Gardeners Garden.
Meant NO offence

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Re: Unlikely Garden

Post by Farhan Ahmed » October 14th, 2013, 1:48 pm

Muhammad Arif Khan wrote: When the owner himself plans and selects the plants it becomes a Gardeners Garden.
If i may add.....most importantly the process of growing by own hand.

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