How to Harvest/Store Seeds

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How to Harvest/Store Seeds

Post by Muhammad Arif Khan » March 19th, 2012, 11:20 am

• When the seed pods have dried on the plant (flowers, beans, broccoli, lettuce...)
Keep an eye on the pods as they start to brown. Most seed pods will open and disperse on their own. You can catch seed by placing small bags over the seed heads when they look ready to pop or by pulling the plant just before completely dry and storing upside down in a paper bag.
Storing Saved Seed
• Make sure the seed is completely dry, or it will rot or mold in storage
• Remove as much of the chaff as possible
• Store in a paper envelope, labeled with the variety and year
• Place the envelopes into an air tight container, such as a canning jar
• Store in a cool, dark, dry place
• Stored seed is best used the following year

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