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Pomegranate burnt and curvy leaves

Posted: August 15th, 2015, 2:01 pm
by freshy110
Hey guys, hope you are alright, I'm new on this forum so first of all i wanna thank you for providing me with the forum to discuss the issues regarding gardening.
A month back i bought a shrub of pomegranate to plant in my backyard, it's leaves were burnt from the edges back then, i asked mali abut the issue he told me that it's because of the pot and heat of the road because the nursery was located near a roadside and he told me that it's gonna be fine when you plant this in the soil, so i did after some time new leaves started to sprout and i could feel it getting better but now again its leaves are starting to burn and curve from the edges. I have planted many other things, curvy leaves is the issue with those as well. I am pasting couple of pictures of pomegranate, kindly advise what to do thank you.
P. S: I'm new to all this gardening thing, layman's language would be appreciated