Watering the Jasmine family

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Watering the Jasmine family

Post by javed khaanzada » May 18th, 2011, 3:31 pm


Leaves yellowing = over-watering or over-fertilizing
Leaves' green color pales = under-watering
Leaves dry on edges = under-watering
Buds drop before opening = over-watering
Buds open prematurely = over-watering
Flowers darken = too much heat
No flowers for the whole year = lack of light and/or fertilizer
No new growth for a long time = lack of light and/or fertilizer
Branches become leggy = prune regularly to keep bushy shape or let go to form a vine, providing support
Leaves are too small = lack of food (fertilizer), too much sun
White mold on stems = indicates that you keep plant in dangerously moist conditions, move it in a well-ventilated bright spot to dry.

http://toptropicals.com/html/toptropica ... sambac.htm

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