Step by Step Summer 2013 Seed Germination Process

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Re: Step by Step Summer 2013 Seed Germination Process

Post by Asim_Nawaz » January 23rd, 2014, 11:25 am

Dear Farah Fayyaz,
As your statement in quotes
I planted some seeds of bitterguord ,cucumber and kaddu some days ago.they didn,t i sowed them again 4 days ago but still waiting
Mr. Irfan saying right, its not proper season of bitterguodr, cucumber, and kaddu. In my project "Step by Step Summer 2013 Seed Germination Process", I can regular upload images from seed starting to harvest vegetables for guideline of vegetable lovers, see also images as well as growing time and month in which date I can upload my pictures to help right time of growing vegetable seeds.

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