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Re: peppermint

Post by Rameez »

I have it in very big pots and some in the ground.
I am a bit confused about this statement
"I am afraid that peppermint is not a single plant, but closely related plants which yield the essential mint oil are termed as peppermint."

I know mint oil is derived from different mint species, By peppermint I am refering to Mentha × piperita is it not a distinct hybrid?
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Re: peppermint

Post by M Farooq »

Podina has very shallow roots, it does well in ground. The dictionary definition of peppermint is

a : a pungent and aromatic mint (Mentha piperita) with dark green lanceolate leaves and whorls of small pink flowers in spikes
b : any of several mints (as M. arvensis) that are related to the peppermint

If you had checked the Flora of Pakistan book, it gives detailed info about peppermint. This plant does not grow (naturally) in Pakistan. I will take the following as a very authentic view. I know the people behind this work, and they were very well known botanists of Pakistan.

Mentha X piperita L., Sp. Pl. 576. 1753. pro sp. (Mentha aquatica x Mentha spicata L.);
I.C. Hedge
Perennial with erect, branched, leafy stems up to 80 cm, ± glabrous or with a sparse eglandular indumentum. Leaves 3-8 x 1.5-4 cm, ovate-elliptic; petioles 10-15 mm. Inflorescence an oblong terminal spike c. 50-70 x 15 mm, with the lower verticillaster distant, approximately above. Calyx 3-4 mm, tubular, ribbed; teeth ± subulate. Corolla lilac. Sterile.
Type: Illustration in Ray. Syn. Meth. Stirp. Brit. t. 10, f. 2. 1724.
No specimens of Peppermint from our area have been seen, but it is recorded as’often planted in gardens’ by R. R. Stewart (l.c.). It is also recorded as a garden escape in Srinagar by Rao (l.c.). An account of its cultivation in Kashmir, and its varied medicinal and economic uses, is given in Wealth of India (l.c.). The globally widely-grown cultivars, with a characteristic smell, are usually glabrous; these forms are often naturalized in different parts of the world, but apparently not in Pakistan.
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