plumeria Issues

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plumeria Issues

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Assalaam u alaikum All

I am based in Karachi. Since the advent of summer this year, my plumeria which is planted in a bed (and not in a pot) didn't leaf properly. At times new leaves would sprout but wouldn't blossom. Of late I detected some rot setting in. My questions;
1) is there anyway of determining how far the rot has extended?
2) do is use a fungicide to get rid of the rot? Is there a broad based fungicide that i could use for this problem and also use for the prevention of rot in
my Palms? Any particular brand recommended?
3) since the plant was not leafing, leave alone flowering, would you recommend using any nutrients to help it? If so any particular brand r r
4) Is it okay to use neem oil on a regular basis to preempt insect problems?
5) Is there someone with experience who could possibly visit to help and guide me on the various issues I face in my garden? If so. are there any

I look forward to the guidance provided by our senior and highly experienced colleagues please. Thanking you in advance
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